Encapsulated Turquoise Void

This was a cassette release in 1995 and is only available as digital download via Aurical's Bandcamp.


This release is a great entry point for newcomers, in that it has lots of analogue and digital sonic textures and aptly deep space vibes, now subtly remastered for vivid sound, only previously existing as a cassette (now long out of print).


After Manequin Ambergine, it was time to get a little deeper and darker again, or to quote my little write-up in Audion #40 "Nottingham's Interstellar Cementmixers' ENCAPSULATED TURQUOISE VOID (Planet X PX2027) offers another of their weird sound-worlds in the nether regions beyond synth music, with bubbling electronics and sub-rock avant-garde structures. It's deep stuff, and amongst the best I've heard from them, being just five long tracks."


Recorded May to August 1996 at Foaming Lung Studio by Rich & Dump.