Catacomb Discord

This was a cassette release on 8th April 1998 and is available as a digitally remastered extended editon from Aurical's Bandcamp.


Digitally Remastered and extended by Alan & Steve Freeman and Released under the Aurical Label available at Aurical's Bandcamp.


Upon suggesting the idea that a c90 cassette reissued on CDR is not so good value and that it would benefit from some similarly deep and spacious music as bonus material, the band supplied a box of unreleased recordings for me to check through and instructions to check through them and use whatever I thought was best. Well, I didn't have to search far, as on the tape called "Unenvisaged Depth" I found 36 minutes of high quality complimentary material, amounting to a bonus unreleased LP length's worth of The Interstellar Cementmixers that's certainly worthy of release.


This release contains the complete c90 cassette release Catacomb Discord, plus a bonus 36 minutes of unreleased material.
Catacomb Discord was recorded by Rich & Dump at Foaming Lung Studio, Nottingham (18/2-2/11/1997).
Originally issued on Planet X (PX 2030) in 1997.
On the cassette, CD1 1-5 = Side A, CD1 6-7 & CD2 1-2 = Side B.
The bonus tracks are from an unreleased archive tape compiled by Steve "Dump" Martin titled: Unenvisaged Depth - outtakes 95-97.